The osmc:symbol tag

The osmc:symbol tag provides a way to describe in a machine-readable way route symbols in simple geometric shapes like they are found in some European countries (and especially in Germany). The map only supports a subset of what is described on the Wiki page. In order to be rendered on the map, the tag must have the following format:


waycolor must be there but is ignored for this map. A second foreground is not supported. text and textcolor can be omitted.


The foreground symbol consists of a color and a shape linked by an underscore. The table below shows all combinations recognised by this site. It also recognises foregrounds that consist only of the name of the shape. The symbols for those are shown in the last column.

black_*blue_*brown_*gray_*green_*orange_*purple_*red_*white_*yellow_* none

Examples:  green_slash =  orange_turned_T =  shell_modern =


The background works in a similar way. It also consists of a color and a shape. The background may also be only a color name which results in a canvas of the choosen color.This is shown in the first row.


Examples:  brown_circle =  yellow =


Type an osmc:symbol value into the input field below to see how it will be rendered on the map.

osmc:symbol =